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   Our heavy duty build comes with a 3 year warranty.This build includes: Rear Heavy Duty 5 Pinion Planetary (Planetary Only), Front Heavy Duty 5 Pinion Planetary (Planetary Only), New Gaskets, HD O-Rings, HD Lip Seals, (3) Molded Pistons, Sealing Rings, High Performace Clutch Kit, 4L60E Filter, 4L60E High Performance Band, Teflon Pump Bushing, 4L60E Superior Shift Reprogramming Kit, Hardened Pump Rings, 4L60E 13 Vane Rotor Gear, 13 Vane Rotor Guide, 13 Vane High Rev Kit, Heavy Duty Sunshell, Heavy Duty 29 Element Sprag, Heavy Duty Wide Rear Sprag,Torque Convertor & Case of Fluid.

   Basic rebuild includes: Gaskets, O-Rings, Lip Seals, 3 Molded Pistons, Sealing
   Rings, 2nd Gear Servo Ring Kit, Standard High Grade Clutch Kit, 4L60E Filter,
   4L60E Standard High Grade Band, Pump Bushings, Pump Rings, 13 Vane Rotor
   Gear, 13 Vane Rotor Guide, 13 Vane High Rev Kit. ​All hard parts are inspected
   and replaced as needed at no additional charge. This build has upgrade
   options as well. You can upgrade the clutches to the High Energy / High
   Performance and you can upgrade the sunshell to the Hardened Sunshell.
   With this build wether we rebuild yours or do an exchange it comes with a 1
   year unlimited mileage no questions asked warranty. The only stipulations to
   this warranty is if there is metal in the pan on the original build you will have
   to replace the torque converter or the warranty will be void, if there is an
   issue with your originial build and you did not get a new torque converter
   with it you would need to get one with the warranty build. You don't have to
   get it from us but do have to have a receipt showing one was purchased
   within five days of picking up the warranty swap. There is also a $50 charge
   on all builds if the pump is busted due to incorrect torque converter
   placement and it busts when you start the vehicle.

   Top left picture is our Toque Converter / Fluid Special for $150, Top right
   picture is our clutches ( left clutch is the basic paper clutch, right clutch is
   the High Energy / High Performance clutch ), Bottom left picture is the front
   planetary's (left is the 5 gear planetary, right is the 4 gear planetary), Bottom
   right picture is the rear planetary's ( left is the 5 gear, right is the 4 gear ). We
   also offer the upgrade to the Hardened Sunshell from the factory sunshell, to
   upgrade to the Hardened Sunshell is $30 extra. The clutch upgrades we offer
   are to the High Energy / High Performance clutches, on these you can
   upgrade all the clutches for $36 or just your 3-4 clutch pack for $18. We also
   offer a stiffer spring shift kit for $28. 

   We do offer removal and installation on the transmissions that we rebuild.
   We have pricing and warranty on the about and pricing pages. The prices
   include removal, rebuild, torque and fluid and the reinstallation of the
   transmission. We do not remove and install the transmission unless we
   rebuild it so we don't have pricing on just that. 
We offer install ONLY on 4L80, 6L80, 6L90. It includes removal, full rebuild, torque converter, fluid and the reinstallation of the transmission. You can find pricing and warranty on our about page and pricing pages.